Scientific Naturalism and New Age Discussion Paper

Scientific Naturalism and New Age Discussion Paper

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Wilkins, Steve and Mark L. Sanford. Hidden Worldviews. IVP, 2009. ISBN: 978-0830838547
Wilkins and Sanford: [38 pages]
Chapter 4: “Nationalism: My Nation, Under God”
Chapter 5: “Moral Relativism: Absolute Truth about Relativism and Something Like Relativism”

Give specific examples of how Nationalism and Moral Relativism are present in your own life and the life of your local church. Describe or propose ways to minimize these influences, or propose a theologically appropriate way to properly direct these tendencies.

There are a handful of ways Scientific Naturalism have presented themselves during my life. Specifically, this has in many cases depicted through the lens of materialism and reductionism. The impact this has had on me is the way I perceive the world exclusively through scientific explanations. I must however submit that the frequent exposure to changes in technology have effectively reinforced some of this worldview. Focusing on the local church that I attended as a child, this influence subtly manifested in skepticism towards spiritual realities. According to Wilkens and Sanford (2009)Scientific Naturalism and New Age Discussion Paper,


this was influenced by the fact that these realities are hard to validate empirically validated. On the New Age ideologies, quite the opposite, these have seeped into my personal well-being pursuits. The effect this has had is pushing me towards considering alternative spiritual practices and learning how to be tolerant and appreciative of religious views of different people. According to Wilkens and Sanford (2009), the quest and desire for self-discovery effectively pushed me towards embracing the idea of divinity within oneself. However, these influences are counteracted by openly engaging in dialogue with my peers and leaders of the church on the compatibility of faith and science. Importantly, these genuine conversations must emphasize a holistic theological education that appreciates the spiritual realm alongside scientific understanding can provide a more nuanced perspective. Scientific Naturalism and New Age Discussion Paper



Wilkens, S., & Sanford, M. L. (2009). Hidden worldviews: Eight cultural stories that shape our lives. InterVarsity Press. Scientific Naturalism and New Age Discussion Paper

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