Social Media and Privacy Essay

Social Media and Privacy Essay

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This will be a conversation essay. The theme revolves around the contradiction between the technology-based technology companies and people’s privacy. The following are the relevant requirements of the article.

I want you to wrestle with the idea of identity in social media. This conversation should illustrate how you understand the materials discussed in this unit and new knowledge that you have developed from thinking about this concept of identity in social media in connection with the sources. The essay should have your main claim and use evidences from the texts to support your claim. In other words, imagine that you are explaining this concept of identity in social media to an alien, how would you do it? Where would you start? Another way to look at an academic paper is you entering a discussion. This means that you have to describe the current thinking on that particular topic and build upon others’ ideas before coming up with your own argument. I selected essays that have conversational qualities, but your topic is a bit different from their topic. Please keep that in mind. In this essay, there should be a part where you discuss the current thinking on identity that it is socially construct, ever-changing, and hybrid. Then you are required to apply that thinking to a social media context.

Remember that you have to use three sources from this list.

1. “The Circle” ( This is a movie starring Emma Watson.?

2. Radiolab, “Post No Evil” (–TZrHpK3uQF/)

3. Kanika Sharma ; Sumit Gupta ; Preeti Gupta ; Prince Arora  Topic: “User’s Perception on Social Media Privacy Concern”

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