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Re: Topic 4 DQ 2

Hello Class,

The article Prisoners in 2018 by E. Ann Carson used existing statistics to describe the demographic composition of incarcerated individuals in the state and federal correction centers. The research question was to determine the population of inmates in the United States of America’s prisons. Carson (2020) used data gathered through the National Prisoner Statistics (NPS) program. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) supports the NPS program that provides detailed information on imprisonment rates, admissions, and releases. The NPS program also provides the race characteristics of incarcerated individuals. For instance, the imprisonment rate of black individuals was higher than that of white ones in 2018 (Carson, 2020). Carson (2020) concentrated on the data originally collected from state departments of corrections (DOCs) and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The author concentrated on data shared in 2018 (Carson, 2020). Therefore, state and federal prisons keep incarcerated individuals’ records based on their release dates, admissions, and races.

Carson, E. (2020). Prisoners in 2018. Retrieved from

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Re: Topic 4 DQ 2

The article I looked up was “Addressing Domestic Violence Against Women: An Unfinished Agenda”, by Rayneet Kaur and Suneela Garg. The research question is What is the impacts of domestic violence on women’s health and wellbeing and what is the cost of domestic violence to the individual, to the health system, and society? The author takes is existing statistics from many different sources including the Ministry of health and family welfare, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and other scholarly articles. The authors let us know that that these existing statistics are coming from a secondary source by referencing the sources both at the end of the article and in cite references.


Kaur, R., & Garg, S. (2008). Addressing domestic violence against women: an unfinished agenda. Indian journal of community medicine : official publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine33(2), 73–76.

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