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Re: Topic 6 DQ 1

An independent variable would be the variable that is manipulated or is changed. So, sleep would be the independent variable since that is what would be adjusted from a minimum of 7 hours of sleep to less than 7 hours. The dependent variable would the variable that is affects by the change or manipulation; in this case it would be students. His or her ability to focus would be affected by the amount of sleep (independent variable) they received.

Amanda Torres


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Re: Topic 6 DQ 2

Classical experiment is when we determine to what extent an independent variable has on a dependent variable but to do this, we must create both a control group and a treatment group. The treatment group would of course be exposed to what independent variable is being used. The control group is similar in composition but they researcher tries to keep any outside influences out of the controlled group. This is important because to confirm that the independent variable truly manipulated that dependent variable you must isolate the variables.

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