Soclogly Disscussion

Many scholars argue that our bodies carry history and that in some ways, like Sarah Baartman, we are always performing because we are constructed by race and gender constructs of patriarchal white supremacy. Scholar Mae Henderson, stated as it pertains to Sarah Baartman and Jospehine Baker in Europe that the image of the black female body “appealed to a continental appetite of primitive …it was the body that became the index of racial difference”.

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Do you feel that women, and especially Black women are still projected as exotic and hypersexual? What additional thoughts and comments do you have as it pertains to Sarah Baartman or this discussion?

Why Female Professors Get Lower Ratings 

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  • Many sociologists argue that we should view gender as a social structure, in the same way we view race and social class. How might one’s gender be influenced by the process of socialization? Why do women consistently earn less than their male counterparts in a variety of professions? What are some other examples of ways in which women are treated differently in a specific social institution?
  • read this article above and then consider the following questions
  1. why do female professors earn lower ratings than male professors; (2) how might these findings be related to dominant ideologies regarding gender in American society; (3) do you see this trend continuing in the future, or eventually being eliminated? 
  • Listen to or read this story and then consider the following questions

For Single Mothers, Stigma Difficult to Break 

1) describe the stigma that single mothers face in American society; (2) do you believe that men are viewed with the same level of negative attitudes; (3) do you think awareness of this stigma might make a single mother more likely to remain in an abusive relationship, and why or why not; (4) what are some of the challenges, or barriers, that single mothers face as they work to support their family?

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