(Solution) NR447 Week 2: Check-In

  1. After taking the Leadership Style Inventory at the end of the Week 2 lesson, you received a result indicating your Leadership Style. This will serve as the foundation of your Week 2 Leadership Style Analysis assignment. Type your identified Leadership Style below.
  2. Reflect on your current practice. Are you a leader, manager, or follower most of the time?
  3. Think about managers you have had throughout your time in the workplace (inside or outside of healthcare). Were they always leaders? In your experience, what qualities set leaders apart?
  4. As you reflected on your leadership practice in your current or previous roles, were you surprised to learn how you have displayed leadership?
  5. Write any question(s) you have about the Week 2 Leadership Style Analysis assignment. If you do not have a question, share how the assignment is going. Course faculty will respond via the comment box in the grade book by 11:59 p.m. MT on Friday of Week 2.……….  


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