SOLUTION; NR532 Week 7: Collaboration Café: Creating a Workplace Culture of Quality and Safety


Collaboration Café 

You are being interviewed for a departmental administrator position for a department that has undergone a long period of transitory leaders. You are told morale is relatively low, there is little sense of teamwork apparent among the staff, and patient satisfaction scores have been decreasing.  The CNO asks you to share your philosophy of leadership and what strategies you might use to bring about a positive change in the department. Based on previous learning about contemporary leadership approaches, criteria for a healthy work environment, and the three concepts from this week’s lesson on creating a culture of quality and safety in the work environment:

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  1. Share your philosophy of leadership.
  2. Share the strategies/processes you will use to create a culture of a quality and safe work environment.
  3. What evidence will you see at the end of six months of whether a positive change has occurred?


Share your philosophy of leadership.

There are many different kinds of leaders in the healthcare industry because nursing leadership is a crucial component of developing one’s nursing practice ( Lee et al., 2019). My leadership skills have developed in social, motivational skills, self-awareness, empathy and self regulation.  I am more of a transformational leader as I value having a purpose and building relationships with people. I make a point in making others feel that…..please click the icon below to access entire solution at $5

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