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Corporate Risk Management Answers to Assignment Questions

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Assignment Topic

This coursework focuses on risk management within organisations and various methods used to deal with corporate risks.


Risk is an inevitable and integral part of the business world. It is a factor of uncertainty that could potentially undermine an organisation’s efforts to achieve its corporate objectives. Risk analysis helps an organisation to evaluate risks and take actions to handle risks. In simple terms, risk involves uncertainty that has the potential to harm an organisation’s ability to achieve its corporate objectives. Corporate risk management has long been regarded as a strategic necessity to help organisations to achieve their corporate objectives.

Although there is no simple solution on how to treat risk, there is a general consensus that managing risk can improve an organisation’s financial stability and stabilise its cash flow. Risks are not static; they evolve in both frequency and severity over time, demonstrating their dynamic nature. The complexity of internal and external risk factors has posed a substantial challenge for organisations on how to integrate a risk management framework in their business structure, enabling them to effectively analyse and respond to these corporate risks.

In this assignment you are asked to view risk broadly. You need to identify and examine various potential risks that an organisation may encounter. Subsequently, discuss the specific methods you propose for managing each of these identified risks.

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Assignment Questions 

You are required to choose a company to discuss the following questions.

  1. Evaluating Corporate Risks: Identify and analyse three major risks for a selected company. Discuss their impact on the company’s business operations and financial (30%)
  1. Formulating Risk Management Approaches: Discuss the specific methods you propose for effective risk management in relation to each identified risk, with the objective of improving overall risk management and reduction efforts. (30%)
  1. Examine how adopting a risk management philosophy influences the selection of risk management methods in question 2 for handling corporate

Note: This question is designed to stimulate critical thinking about how a risk management philosophy shapes the choice of risk management methods. (30%)


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JPMorgan JPM
Walt Disney DIS
Apple AAPL


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