(Solved) NR305 Week 8 Collaboration Café: Reflection

Collaboration Café: Reflect on Knowledge

Step 1: Reflect on your learning experience in this course. Answer all questions/criteria below with explanations and details. No scholarly sources are required.

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Paragraph one: Reflect on your learning experience in this course. How do you envision using the concepts learned in this course in your future nursing practice as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse?

Paragraph two: Examine the following program outcomes. Select one and reflect on how your learning in the course assisted in helping to achieve that outcome.

PO 1: Provides individualized comprehensive care based on theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to individuals, families, aggregates, and communities, from entry to the healthcare system through long-term planning.

PO 2: Demonstrates leadership and collaboration with consumers and other healthcare providers in providing care and/or delegating responsibilities for health promotion, illness prevention, health restoration, health maintenance, and rehabilitative activities.

PO 4: Integrates clinical judgment in professional decision-making and implementation of the nursing process.

Paragraph three:  Examine the following competencies from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials. Select one and reflect on how the course assisted in achieving that competency.

2.1: Engage with the individual in establishing a caring relationship.

2.3: Integrate assessment skills in practice.

2.6: Demonstrate accountability for care delivery.

2.8: Promote self-care management.

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