Strategic Plan


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The Project will be to develop a strategic plan. The plan will be developed by you and will have an executive summary submitted with the strategic plan. There is no example of the executive summary or strategic plan because I do not want to limit your potential of developing any great ideas. There is no predetermined length of the strategic plan, but it must have all the information needed to ensure the plan can be executed. The strategic plan will be based on purchasing a franchise in Charleston, SC (zip code 29401 or 29403). Your franchise must be in this area code. You will determine what franchise to purchase and develop the strategic plan ensuring all avenues are researched well. This would involve items such as:

Do we rent or purchase real estate? It needs to be a real building for sale or rent in these zip codes.

How much are taxes?

Are permits required?

What is the competition?

What opportunities are there for this franchise to expand?

What are the startup costs and initial investment?

Training Costs, disability, PPE, vehicles, insurance and so on.

What is the ROI expected within the first year?

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