Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper

Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper

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Discussion Response (Rhonda)

Hey Rhonda, thank you for your input in the discussion matter. I agree that integrating the four scholarship domains can be effective in the role of a nurse educator. The term scholar recognizes that knowledge is gained from research, analyzed to gain more insights into the work, practiced and then taught. As a nurse educator, I must ensure I conduct academic work in an integrated way and utilizing the four pillars will be effective in enhancing student outcomes. Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper

I agree the discovery pillar allows nursing educators to research different topics that they use to develop nursing knowledge. For example, through research, I can identify evidence-based solutions that enhance student learning (Seibert & Harper, 2020). I also support that synthesizing knowledge from different sources will help in developing new insights and perspectives. In addition, to effectively participate in scholarly activities, I would also consider learning how to bring findings together to establish convergence and identify trends.


The application domain aims to apply research in a meaningful and helpful manner. I would learn and discover new knowledge and apply it to solve world problems. This would be beneficial in scholarly activities as it would impact the students and also the communities (Seibert & Harper, 2020). Lastly, to participate in scholarly activities, under the teaching pillar, I would consider searching and implementing innovative approaches and practices to enhance the dissemination of information which helps improve students’ knowledge and skills.  By integrating the four domains, nurse educators can effectively enhance teaching and learning. Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper


Seibert, S. A., & Harper, K. J. (2020). The scholarship of application: Opportunities within the NOBC. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 15(2), 152–154.

Ernest Boyer, in 1990, expanded the notion of scholarship to be more than research. Scholarship was initially equated with research and its generation of new knowledge, but Boyer viewed scholarship as four separate but overlapping and connected domains: the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of integration, the scholarship of application, and the scholarship of teaching (Acorn & Osborne, 2013). O’Connor (2019) suggests that these domains can be integrated into the basis of scholarly work that contributes to effective teaching and learning in nursing education (O’Connor, 2019). Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper

To participate in scholarly activities as a nurse educator, I must consider the following:

Discovery: Conducting research to generate new knowledge in the field of nursing education.
Integration: Synthesizing knowledge from different sources to develop new insights and perspectives.
Application: Applying knowledge to solve practical problems in nursing education.
Teaching: Developing innovative teaching methods and materials to enhance student learning.
By engaging in these activities, I can contribute to advancing nursing education and improving student learning outcomes. Specifically, the scholarship of integration interests me. It focuses on connecting disciplines and advancing knowledge through synthesis to bring new insights into original research (O’Connor, 2019). I have demonstrated this element by valuing life-long learning by pursuing higher education, acting as a positive role model and mentor, and expressing passion and commitment to nursing. Since the scholarship of integration is ongoing, I will continue critically analyzing and questioning the meaning of research findings to develop a more comprehensive understanding. By creating a broader appreciation of the research, the knowledge can be integrated into different disciplines to build interdisciplinary partnerships capable of responding to multi-focal, complex human problems. Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper



Acorn, S., & Osborne, M. (2013). Scholarship in nursing – CASN.

Oâ€Connor, L. (2019). Boyerâ€s Pillars of Scholarship. In: The Nature of Scholarship, a Career Legacy Map and Advanced Practice. Advanced Practice in Nursing. Springer, Cha Teaching and Learning in Nursing Discussion Paper

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