The Concepts Of Informatics As Presented In The Resources Essay

The Concepts Of Informatics As Presented In The Resources Essay

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Assignment: This assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation that includes one slide that is an infographic to educate others on the role of the nurse as knowledge worker. (An infographic is a visual representation of data, information. Please see the resources in the module on how to develop and infographic in power point. Also, try an Internet search for “Nursing Infographic” for some examples ). PLEASE do not just copy an image you find on the internet!


To Prepare: The Concepts Of Informatics As Presented In The Resources Essay

Review the concepts of informatics as presented in the Resources.
Reflect on the role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker (read about Drucker) Reference: Drucker, P. (1959). The landmarks of tomorrow. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.

Consider how knowledge may be informed by data that is collected/accessed.

The Assignment: (be sure you use the Power Point slides to address all of the items below. DO NOT write a paper, this assignment is just a PowerPoint!)

Please note – Power Points should be bullets that summarize the concepts, not dense text that squeezing a paper on a slide.

-*Explain the concept of a knowledge worker.
-*Define and explain nursing informatics and highlight the role of a nurse leader as a knowledge worker.
-*Develop a simple infographic to help explain these concepts. (see the “How to Make an Infographic in PowerPoint” below)The Concepts Of Informatics As Presented In The Resources Essay.
-*Include the hypothetical scenario you originally shared in the Week 1 Discussion Forum (if needed you may revise/replace your example) then be sure you have:
Include your examination of the data that you could use,
How the data might be accessed/collected, and
What knowledge might be derived from that data.
Incorporate feedback received from your colleagues†response (if you have some, don’t worry if you don’t) (HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO DISCUSSION WILL BE UPLOADED;

For your PowerPoint, include:

1 Title Slide (with your name, course, university, date)
2-3 slides on the concept definitions, (include in-text citations, add the full reference to the reference slide)
1 infographic slide,
2-3 slides on the hypothetical example (do address the points in the rubric, do not worry if you do not have feedback to include from a peer) The Concepts Of Informatics As Presented In The Resources Essay
1 Reference slide.

Please do Not use Notes on the slides, they are harder for me to access and review, and you should be able to include all the needed content on the slides)

Do Not include a Word document to supplement or instead of Power Point slides, it will not be graded!

This is a resource for creating an infographic in PowerPoint (however do not adjust your size to the 10″ by 25″ example, please use a standard power point!)


5 SOURCES ARE NEEDED – 3 or more peer-reviewed articles and 2 or more course resources.

COURSE RESOURCES ARE – McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2022). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Chapter 1, “Nursing Science and the Foundation of Knowledge” (pp. 7–17)
Chapter 2, “Introduction to Information, Information Science, and Information Systems” (pp. 21–32)
Chapter 3, “Computer Science and the Foundation of Knowledge Model” (pp. 35–64)

I WILL UPLOAD THE PDFs of the OTHER TWO COURSE RESOURCES The Concepts Of Informatics As Presented In The Resources Essay

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