The documentary Meet the Romans

This discussion board prompt is asking you for your evidence-based opinion. Everything you say on this discussion board should be based on material from the documentary Meet the Romans. Failure to base what you say on evidence from the documentary will result in a deduction of points.

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Based on the evidence presented in this week’s documentary Meet the Romans, answer the following questions:

1. According to Professor Mary Beard, should ancient Romans be seen as a nation/race according to Mary Beard? What should they be seen as?

2. What does Professor Mary Beard mean when she says that Rome was diverse but not tolerant?

You should aim for a response of roughly 350 to 500 words total (around 350 to 500 words total to answer both questions).

Your answer should be broken up in two distinct parts, one for each question. Your responses must be clearly numbered. You may allocate the 350 to 500 words between the two questions as you see fit.

Your response to this must still be factually correct and follow the etiquette guidelines. You can review discussion board guidelines here.

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