The Future of Health Care Delivery


The future of medical care involves the coming transformation changes that may interfere with the issues of an average patient. These changes are motivated by the people’s different behaviors and lifestyles, the population that is aging, people’s perspective towards the end of life and increased consumerism. The changes may include a shift in controlling and treatment of acute illnesses to acute sicknesses like pneumonia to the control of the chronic illnesses that seems to be lifelong ones they are developed like cancer and diabetes. Therefore, when we talk about the future of health care we need to get a picture of the current status of our health care, propose the changes and likely implementation to take place for the achievement of a better health care that is to cure the chronic diseases.

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When talking about the future of health care it means that the responsibilities will be aligned. It will mean that professional relationship between the patient and the doctor will change. The patient will be the doctor’s client unlike in the past where the patient is the client of no one. There will be more obstacles to success but with patient all will be achieved. The country will be spending a lot on health care for the purposes of achieving better health care. There is more money but it is not being utilized correctly but in the future everything will be in line and money spend efficiently in health care delivery. This will be done by cost reduction, all parties accepting to participate in their responsibilities with their rights something that has not been achieved in the society of today.

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