The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay

The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay

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Project Implementation

The health promotion program is being implemented using a multimodal strategy designed to address the disparities in mental health that are common among older adults (65 and older) who reside in low-income regions. My particular intervention tactics are grounded in models and theories related to health promotion, so my work is both focused and thorough.

Intervention Strategies

Community Workshops

The foundation of the effort is involving the target population through community workshops. These workshops aim to promote community while addressing the social isolation many seniors in low-income communities face. Social support networks, coping techniques, and stress management will all be explored. The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay


mHealth Applications

I will use mHealth apps in the intervention efforts since I understand the need for readily available, user-friendly resources. These apps will offer tools for self-help activities, mental health education, and links to support systems. The aim is to give elders access to tools that suit their tastes and comfort level with technology.

Culturally Relevant Instructional Materials

It is essential to provide educational resources that speak to the target population’s cultural backgrounds (Ratna, 2019). To guarantee greater comprehension and involvement, this entails translating materials into the many languages used in the community and adding examples pertinent to the culture. The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay



Social Cognitive Theory-based Approach

The chosen interventions, based on the Social Cognitive Theory, will highlight how social support and self-efficacy change behavior. People will gain knowledge from good role models during guided sessions, increasing their self-assurance in their capacity to adopt better mental health practices.

Appropriateness for the Target Population

The selected intervention options are congruent with the distinct requirements and obstacles encountered by elderly residents of low-income regions. Community workshops address social contact needs and help prevent isolation. Applications for mobile health cater to people’s desire for easily accessible technology, and culturally appropriate content considers the population’s varied backgrounds. The approach based on Social Cognitive Theory acknowledges the significance of social factors in influencing behavior, which is consistent with the emphasis on cultural competence and community involvement. The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay

Project Evaluation

Process and Plan for Program Evaluation

Quantitative Measures

Mental health evaluations will be performed before and after the intervention to measure changes in mental health. This comprises scales and questionnaires commonly used to measure anxiety, depression, and perceived social support.

Qualitative Feedback

Collecting qualitative data via interviews and focus groups will yield detailed insights into the participants’ experiences. The input provided will aid in improving intervention tactics and guaranteeing cultural appropriateness.

Utilization of Health Metrics

Utilizing health metrics will enable engagement and program adherence measures, such as the frequency of mHealth application usage and workshop attendance rates. The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay

Longitudinal Tracking

I can evaluate how long-lasting behavioral changes are by putting a longitudinal tracking system in place. Regular follow-up evaluations will record the health promotion initiative’s long-term effects.

To summarize, an all-encompassing health promotion program is well thought out, carefully assessed, and strategically planned to guarantee its efficacy. With the use of evidence-based practices and attention to the unique requirements of the target group, the goal is to help older people in low-income communities have more equitable mental health outcomes. This program provides a brief intervention and lays the groundwork for future mental health policies and practices geared toward underserved communities.



Ratna, H. (2019). The importance of effective communication in healthcare practice. Harvard Public Health Review23, 1-6.

This conclusion will be the final part of the paper. I will add the pieces together for one paper. The first 2 parts of the paper are attached. The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay

This stage of the project should result in a fully developed course project paper draft incorporating EBP and screening tools; intervention approaches, evaluation plan, appropriate health/mHealth technology, and social determinants of health, impact on/of health policy.
Follow assignment instructions and requirements to finalize project development.
Please submit your Conclusion section this week

Write your conclusion and summary.
Include reflection on the lessons learned The Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare Practice Essay

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