The Policy Change Essay Assignment Paper

The Policy Change Essay Assignment Paper

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For the Business Writing you will assume the role of a Director of a business or facility and write a memorandum to your head administrator describing “events” or recommending changes that you feel need to be implemented at the facility to improve operations, efficiencies, outcomes, morale, etc. This writing should be based on experiences in your work environment and should involve MATERIAL issues. An event memorandum should incorporate the following concepts: (i) a description of the event, (ii) effects of events, and (iii) changes required by the event.


A policy change memorandum should incorporate the following concepts: (i) a description of the policy change, (ii) how the change will be implemented, and (iii) hurdles that may need to be overcome. The memorandum must be typed with 1” margins, single spacing, a 12 point Times Roman font (including the header portion of the memorandum) and between 1 ½ and 2 pages in length. Exhibit A in the syllabus contains the format for the memorandum. You must use this format and may NOT use a different format, such as a Memo format with a 25-point Memorandum Heading. The Policy Change Essay Assignment Paper

General Assignment Obligations

Students are expected to complete all assignments on or before the dates that they are due. Assignments submitted after the due date may not be accepted or may be subject to penalty. Acceptance of assignments after due dates is at the sole discretion of the course instructor and Dean. Any lack of completion of assignments and/or consistent lateness of assignment which leads a faculty member to judge that unsatisfactory progress is being made may result in the student being administratively withdrawn from the course and require the course to be repeated. This syllabus (including the referenced course calendar) and/or Canvas include due dates with regards to the completion of assignments. To the extent no written due date for an assignment is in the course. The Policy Change Essay Assignment Paper

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