The Portfolio Project


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Portfolio Project: This week, discuss a current business process in a specific industry. 

Note the following:

-The current business process itself.

-The industry the business process is utilized in.

After explaining the current situation, take the current learning from the course and:

Explain a new technology that the business should deploy. 

Be specific, don’t only note the type of technology but the particular instance of technology.  (For example, a kind of technology is intelligent automation. A specific type of automation is automated light-dimming technology).

Note the pros and cons of the technology selected.

Note various factors the business should consider before deploying the new technology.

The above submission should be three pages in length.  Remember, the total length does not include the APA-approved cover page or the references.  There should be at least three APA approved references to support your work

My course textbook is Analytics,Data Science , & ARTIFICIAL Intelligence : systems for decision support

by Ramesh sharda, Dursun Delen and Efrain Turban

After explaining the current situation, take the current learning from the course  that is above textbook.

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