The Significance Of Health Assessments Discussion Paper

The Significance Of Health Assessments Discussion Paper

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Discussion Response

Thank you for sharing such valuable insights into the social determinants of health (SDOH) in your community. It is evident that you have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by different populations in relation to housing, transportation, racism, education, and access to nutritious food.

I appreciate your focus on the impact on school-going children in regards to safe housing, transportation, and neighborhoods. Their well-being and academic success can suffer following a lack of a secure living environment. Collaboration between government and community organizations is imperative in tackling these issues. Your suggestion of smaller, family-sized dwelling settings is a wise one. The Significance Of Health Assessments Discussion Paper


One important aspect you pointed out was the connection between racism, discrimination, and health consequences. Hearing about the challenges that immigrant families have getting access to healthcare because of language and fear is disheartening. As noted in Healthy People 2030, the identification of structural racism as a major contributor to health disparities highlights the necessity of systemic transformation to guarantee equitable access to healthcare for everyone (Hassmiller et al., 2023)The Significance Of Health Assessments Discussion Paper.

Furthermore, the delicate relationship between education and health is shown by your discussion of income, employment prospects, and education. The involvement initiatives and career guidance programs offered by high schools play an essential part in determining the general health outcomes of their students. Lastly, it is important that you brought out the difficulties in getting wholesome food during the COVID crisis. The government’s and the local churches’ efforts to give free food serve as a reminder of how important community support is in times of hardship.

The significance of health assessments is underscored by your focus on the necessity to understand social needs and concerns. Including SDH screening in medical procedures is a proactive way to find risk factors and direct patients to the community resources they require (Houlihan & Leffler, 2019). To solve mobility issues, I suggest looking into possible partnerships with neighborhood organizations and pushing for better public transportation options. Furthermore, exchanging case studies or success stories from other communities that have successfully dealt with comparable problems could serve as a source of inspiration and direction for cooperative efforts within your community.

Thank you for your thoughtful post, and I appreciate your dedication to addressing social determinants of health in your role as a school nurse.


Hassmiller, S., Darcy Mahoney, A., & Beard, K. (2023). Introduction: The Goal for 2030—Health Equity for All. In The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Global Applications to Advance Health Equity (pp. 1-9). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Houlihan, J., & Leffler, S. (2019). Assessing and addressing social determinants of health: a key competency for succeeding in value-based care. Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice46(4), 561-574. The Significance Of Health Assessments Discussion Paper

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