The video on technology’s long tail

Post in the Discussion area at least 2 paragraphs responding to the following prompts:

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Describe the graph you selected from the video on technology’s long tail including:
What does the graph show?
What values are on the y- and x-axis?
What is the overall pattern displayed on the graph?
Be sure to mention all key points on the graph as presented.
Write the two points you selected as ordered pairs and determine the slope between these two points. Be sure to show the math you used to compute the slope value.
Identify the y-intercept of the graph you selected. If you selected a reasonable value for the y-intercept, explain why you chose that value, and use it to write an equation for the line in y=mx+b form.
Interpret the slope as a rate of change and explain what this means in terms of change in both variables.
Predict the year 2025, on your graph, using the slope value as a rate of change, and explain whether or not you feel the prediction is reasonable. Explain why.

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