The Weighted Comparison Essay Paper

The Weighted Comparison Essay Paper

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Final Draft Due Tuesday, April 12th
For this assignment, choose two of the short stories we have read for class and identify a
common theme you see in both pieces. In an essay of at least 750 words, examine the
unique similarities and differences between each text, and discuss how each story
explores their shared theme. Remember, a theme is the broad idea or “conceptual
backdrop” of a text, i.e. unrequited love, technological advancement, patriotism, etc.. The Weighted Comparison Essay Paper
This is the process of comparing and contrasting, a technique youâ€ve probably exercised


when filling in a venn diagram, or reading online product reviews. Maybe youâ€ve already
written a compare/contrast essay for another class. Even if this is the case, one aspect
that will distinguish your essay from the typical compare/contrast essay will be the
assigning of weight. In other words, you will argue that one of the texts is superior
(“weightier”) in the ways it explores the shared theme. To support your argument, use
textual evidence from both pieces to illustrate the ways your superior story excels in
ways the other story does not.
Grading Criteria
● Assigns more weight to one story over another (in other words, the essay argues
for a “superior work”) The Weighted Comparison Essay Paper
● Identifies a shared theme evident in both stories
● Discusses specific similarities and differences between the two works (quote the
● 750 words in length (minimum)
● Correct MLA format (double-spaced, Times New Roman, proper heading, 1”
margins, in text citations, a Works Cited page)
● Little to no spelling/grammar issues
● An A-level (90—100%) essay will display all of the criteria listed above in an
expert fashion, and will be very polished and fully realized. It will offer new
insight into each of these pieces, and help the reader understand and appreciate
the stories on a deeper, more nuanced level.
● A B-level (80—89%) essay will be missing two of the above criteria entirely;
alternatively, it may contain all of the above criteria, but not to the extent/quality
of an A-level paper.
● A C-level (70—79%) essay will display only half of the above criteria, or
otherwise executes one criterion so poorly it lowers the quality of the entire essay.
● A D-level (60-69%) paper will feature less than half the above criteria, and will
show little understanding of the stories or this assignment sheet. The Weighted Comparison Essay Paper
● A F-level (0-59%) essay will be totally incomprehensible or non-existent (i.e.
you just didnâ€t do it).
Texts you can compare/contrast for this paper (choose two)
● “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver
● “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway
● “Who Will Greet You At Home” by Lesley Nneka Arimah
● “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker
● “How To Talk To A Hunter” by Pam Houston
● “The Lonesome Bodybuilder” by Yukiko Motoya
● “Slumming” by Ottessa Moshfegh
“Work” by Denis Johnson The Weighted Comparison Essay Paper

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