Understanding the world of Tourism

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Introduction (100 words) The introduction serves to grab the readers attention, provides an overview of the topic, and outlines the scope of the essay. You must include the title statement, 2 or 3 definitions of tourism and the structure of essay.

The first section (300 words) Explain the development of contemporary tourism including the main steps in the history of tourism.

The second section (400 words) Explain travel motivational theories.

  • Define and explain the travel motivations.
  • Explain Cromptons theory of Pull and Push factors of tourism with examples and statistics.
  • Explain Maslows Hierarchy related to Travel Motivations with examples and statistics.
  • Explain the theory of Plogs related to Travel Motivations with examples and statistics.

It is important to ensure a smooth transition between paragraphs and maintain a logical flow of ideas. The evidence presented throughout the essay to support arguments and ideas can be in form of direct quotes, paraphrases, statistics, etc.

Conclusions (100 words) The conclusions summarize the main points discussed in the essay and restates the thesis statement in light of the evidence presented. (Do not add new information in this section/in-text citations).

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