Using Apps In Clinical Practice Assignment Discussion

Using Apps In Clinical Practice Assignment Discussion

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Watch the SAMHSA’s Suicidal Safe webinar and answer the following questions:

1. How would you use the resources identified in this video for a patient who has a history of suicidal ideations?

2. Apps are not intended to replace medical or professional assistance. However, they can be used as tools. What other mental health Apps are used for crisis intervention tools?  Using Apps In Clinical Practice Assignment Discussion


The video identifies the use of mobile apps in helping patients with a history of suicidal ideations. The Suicide Safe app is an alternative approach to solving mental health problems. The tool can be used to provide educational materials and learning experiences to healthcare providers to build their skills and confidence in suicidal risk assessment. The app is helpful in guiding clinicians on how to conduct suicide inquiries and risk assessments. It has resources that can be used to provide guided motivation, suicide ideation identification strategies, and other evidence-based practices to cultivate mindfulness and improve mental wellbeing (Khanchandani & Saeed, 2023). Primary care providers can utilize the app to share information on educational opportunities and crisis help lines to provide timely referrals. They can get insights by exploring the case studies provided on how to address various issues. Healthcare providers can use the resources to learn communication tips and how to start conversations when talking to clients requiring suicide intervention.

Mental health apps complement professional assistance, and there are various apps that can be used for crisis intervention. MoodKit is one of the tools used in stress reduction, mood tracking, and the creation of positive thoughts (Tang et al., 2024). The app applies cognitive-behavioral therapy principles and has various activities to help an individual boost their moods and minimize negative thoughts. Talkspace is another app that offers patients direct online access to therapists and mental health professionals. A patient can schedule live video sessions with their healthcare provider at any time. It also gives a patient the option of changing their provider. The Better Stop Suicide app was developed to create suicide awareness. It has psychological techniques to assist individuals with suicide ideation to calm down. In the event of an emergency, the app allows one to call a suicide hotline. BetterHelp is another app designed to connect patients with professional therapists through video sessions and calls. All these mobile apps are meant to provide support to patients and improve their mental health. Using Apps In Clinical Practice Assignment Discussion


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