Using social justice and understanding

Description1. Describe your most dominant social identities.2. Describes implicit bias represented within your most dominant identities. A. How does implicit bias show up in your most dominant identities?3. Identify the core principles of social justice.4. Describe how implicit bias impact your understanding of the core principles of social justice.A. Implicit bias impact your understanding of social justice in personal settings?B. implicit, bias impact understanding, a social justice and professional settings?My discussion board for the week about myself: Hello everyone!My name is Raquel Arreola, and I am 36 years old. I have four children who motivate me because they are my driving force for creating a better future. They push me with determination every day so I may provide them with love, support, and opportunity. I had my firstborn at 15 years old because I was a rebel who didn’t want to listen to her parents. This left me with two choices: a job or a career. Luckily, I chose a career path. I love the outdoors! I mountain bike, hike, and run whatever free time I have. Even with all those activities, I still can’t seem to get all the baby weight off.As a heterosexual Mexican American woman who is Christian, my social identity is shaped by cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and personal experiences, all of which influence how I navigate the world around me. Being authentic can sometimes be challenging, especially in environments with pressure to fit in or “act” educated. As a result, I may have to balance staying true to myself and adapting to different social situations.My “why” is rooted in a desire to create positive change and make a meaningful impact. As a student, I am motivated by my family and work family. Currently, I am a manager of an ancillary department in the medical field on a pathway to a director role. I am determined to grow within this facility to serve my community. So, I will shoot for the moon with my education and do my best.

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