Virtual Gallery of Art History II

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1. Choose a theme for your exhibition. You may choose whatever theme you would like, but remember that it should be broad enough so that you can find an art object related to it in a variety of historical periods. Some themes that you might choose are: power, love, death, time, battle, spirituality/religion, wealth, struggle, labor, etc.. You might also decide to pick a theme exemplifying a type of art: landscapes, portraits, genre paintings, still life, altarpieces, etc.

2. Choose a work of art representing each of the following periods we have studied from either the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, The Louvre, or the Getty Center (websites above). Make sure the work of art represents your theme, and is within the range of dates (provided below) for each period:

a. The Late Medieval Period (1300-1400 ACE)

b. The Early Renaissance in Italy (1400-1480 ACE)

c. The Northern European Renaissance (1400-1550 ACE)

d. The High Renaissance in Italy (1480-1520 ACE)

e. The Italian and Spanish Baroque (1600-1700 ACE)

f. The Dutch Baroque (1600-1700 ACE)

g. The French Rococo (1720-1775 ACE)

h. The Neoclassical Period in France and The United States (1775-1870 ACE)

i. The Romantic Period (1790-1870 ACE)

j. Realism in France (1848-1880 ACE)

3. Write a 500-1200+ word essay providing some visual analysis of from 6-10 objects in your collection, describing hallmarks of the style of each period as they relate to your chosen works of art.

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