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Viviana Gonzalez Marquez posted Nov 17, 2021 3:17 AM


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The sample that Soyan used on the study is not right because the student body of the university is 60% females and 40% males. In order for the sample to be representative of the population, should have the same proportion as the student body. The best way to correct this is keep recruiting participant in the female groups till the sample meets the proportion if the population, the significant result that she had are correct and can not be applied to the population.

Quota sampler in this type of study the researcher decides ahead if they want the sample to have certain characteristics and they are free to use any participants they want as long as the final sample meet the quota for each criterion. ( Ciarocco, & Strohmetz, 2018)

To ensure the proper sample representation the researcher should divide the population into subgroups that should be inclusive. On the example scenario Soyan should have divide individual by male / female. They should pay close attention to the subgroups and clone the sample size according to the population size. The last step will be to carefully adhere to the subgroup characteristic if the sample size is a 100 and need 70 females and 30 males the selection will continue until the quote of each is filled. (Glen, 2021)

Stratified sample is a probability sampling method in which the population is divided into two groups (strata) to one or more common attributes. Stratified random sampling intend to guarantee the sample represent a specific subgroup. ( Ciarocco, & Strohmetz, 2018)

To properly selected a stratified sample is important the identification of the stratum and ensure their representation in the population. Assign and specific number to each subject withing the subgroup and select enough subjects for each subgroup. (Glen, 2021)

Stratified sample

The study explores the prevalence of factor of suicidal attempts in medical students in Ethiopia. The study used a sample of 423 medical students that were selected using a stratified random sample technique. The population size was all the available students in the school at the moment of the study. To determine the sample size a single population proposal was used. The study used a stratified random sample to allocate the sample for students of each year from year 1 to 5. And then to select each study participant used a simple random sampling. (Tsegay, Tesfaye & Ayano, 2021)

Random Selected Sample

The study explores the relation between religious believe and the coping skills of patients with the outcome of depression and diabetes. The study recruit 224 participants half with diabetes mellitus (DM) and the other half that suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and were randomly selected using the clinic attendance register, 10 were choose each week from a total of about 70-100 patients with DM that attend the clinic every Wednesday and were interview while waiting to be attended by the doctor. The patients MDD participant were recruited until the required size for the study was reached matching the gender of the DM participants. Participants must be between the age of 18-64 with a diagnostic od Type I or Type II diabetes same with the MDD and must have diagnoses at least 1 year prior to the study.(Amadi et al, 2016)

Cluster random sample

The improvement of the mental health in children is a main priority in China but there is not enough information available about the prevalence of mental disorders. The study used a two stage National Survey in five regions of China. The study sample was selected using a cluster stratified random sampling strategy. The country was divided in 5 sample area according to their geographic location and degree of urbanization and cluster sample was used in this area. 15 prefectures cities were randomly selected in the 5 areas with 2 to 4 prefectures each area. After than 169 school including 81 primary and 88 high school were randomly chosen and 2-5 classes were randomly picked in each grade of every school. A total of 1764 classes with 73 992 students participated in the survey. (Cui et al, 2021)

The criteria to choose animals for research us different that humans because they do not have to be motivated, they just have to be purchase, usually for breeders that specialize in breeding animals for research. The type of animals chooses for the research depend on many things. Regardless of what type of animals the researcher use they have the advantage of using a group of animals that are similar to each other, in many case the researcher use animal that are similar to each other and have been cared on the same environment. One of the reasons to consider similar animals for the research includes the more similarity at the beginning of the study the easier will be to find statistical difference at the end. (Selection of Animal Subjects,2021 )


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Stephanie Glen

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