WK 3 Assignment – Sergeant Berry Sullivan Essay

WK 3 Assignment – Sergeant Berry Sullivan Essay

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Training Title 21

Name: Sergeant Berry Sullivan
Gender: male Age:27 years old T- 98.8 P- 86 R 18 B/P 122/7 Ht 5â€8 Wt 160lbs
Background: He entered the military just after high school and did three long tours of duty in warzones. He separated from active duty in the Marines (MOS 0800 Field Artillery) six months ago after eight years of service. He is engaged to be married in 8 months and is using his GI Education Bill to attend an online college for accounting. He said he grew up poor and would not do much else if he didnâ€t go into the military. He denies ever using any drugs and avoids alcohol because his father was “abusive when he was drunk.”
Father is still alive, unwell (DM, cirrhosis, HTN), and still drinking.  WK 3 Assignment – Sergeant Berry Sullivan Essay



Paternal grandfather was also a veteran and suffered depression at times though he never told anyone except the patient because of their combat connection. He has one younger brother and one older sister. He lives in a different state, approximately five hours from his parents and siblings.
After the military, he and his fianc̩ moved because she got a much better opportunity. They want kids someday. Has service-connected asthma, seasonal allergies; no hx of psychiatric or substance use treatment. Symptom Media. (Producer). (2016). WK 3 Assignment РSergeant Berry Sullivan Essay

Training title 21 [Video].

Please Click on Direct Link to complete case you must log in to Walden Website to view the complete viewing of this case (session is 12 minutes long): Training Title 21 – Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company ( WK 3 Assignment – Sergeant Berry Sullivan Essay

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