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The goal of this writing assignment is to KNOW THYSELF! The process will have you identify your key personality traits,
including your strengths and weaknesses. By learning more about your strengths and weaknesses, you should be better able to
find job opportunities that are a good fit for you AND answer interview questions.
For an understanding of the topic of Personality see lecture notes
Use your lecture notes on MBTI and Strong/Holland. There are more self assessments on elearning.
You may need to do further research on some topics covered by this paper.
Complete the MBTI attached assessment to find further details on your type especially E or I and J or P.
In 5 pages maximum, double spaced, report the results of your analysis. In your paper, for maximum points, you must
include information on all of the following issues:
1. Introduce yourself:
What is your year of study (freshmen, sophomore, etc.) and current major?
How did you decide on your major? How confident that this is the best major for you?
How are you performing in classes related to your major?
If you are undecided on a major, what are some possibilities you think might fit?
2. Define Personality:
Using our text and / or other resources, define personality Give details.
Discuss what researchers say about the 2 sources of our personality.
Has your personality changed over the course of your life so far? If so, why?
Describe your personality based on the nature and nurture viewpoints. Give examples of your personality
sourced by both nature and nurture. It may be helpful to talk with family and friends to answer this question.
3. Using the 3 models of personality discussed in class (Big 5; MBTI and Strong/Holland)
Describe each of the 3 models in your own words.
Analyze your personality in detail on all aspects of each of the 3 models. Give specific examples.
Using this overall analysis: Give a detailed answer to this traditional interview question Tell me about your
strengths and weaknesses (refer back to your MBTI and Big 5 type to answer this)
4. One additional model:
Find another free personality model (16 factors, Disc, Gallup, Harry Potter sorting hat quiz, horoscope, etc.)
or one that you have used in the past and note your results from that model. Do they agree or disagree with
your results from the Big 5 and MBTI?
5. Confirmation:
Survey someone who knows you very well (family/close friend) and ask this person to review this analysis of
State the name / relationship of the person you asked.
What are their specific comments?
This is a test of your self perception do you see yourself as others do?
6. Conclusion:
Are these personality assessments useful or a waste of time? Why?

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